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We sell vehicles from insurance companies that obtain cars from total loss payoff claims from water damage. Not all of the cars we sell have been totally under water. In fact some have had very little water damage at all and still run and drive fine. Even those that have been under water are typically price far below the value of just the parts on that car that are not affected by water.

Things you need to know!

There is a stigma that comes with water cars and most of that comes from the sale of these cars years ago by shady sellers who would purchase these cars from insurance companies cheap and then selling them as good cars. With business such as carfax and other reporting tools it has made it very difficult to hide the fact that the car has had previous water damage.

The biggest thing you need to know is know you are getting a car at a deep discount for a reason. You cant expect to buy a car for $1500 that has a $8k book value and expect no issues. Many cars never had any issues but some do develop electrical problems down the road. But at the same time even if you spend some money fixing the issue you might still have a car for far less than its value.

There are two types of water damaged cars. One is fresh water which does not contain salt and then there are salt water cars. Typically the salt water flooded cars tend to have more issues due to the corrosive nature of the salt in the water. These cars usually come from coastal states that often have hurricanes. Of course hurricanes also bring a lot of rain so not all cars from hurricanes are salt water. You can usually run a carfax on the car to determine what state it is from.

Can anyone buy a flood car?

Some states will only allow auto dealers to purchase from insurance companies. In those states you will need to go through a dealer to purchase a car and they will require that you sign documents indicating that you are aware the car was under water.

You can also run title information at https://www.vehiclehistory.gov/


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